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Syömishäiriöliitto-SYLI ry

The Eating Disorder Association of Finland (Syömishäiriöliitto-SYLI ry) was established in 2004. Its headquarters are located in Turku, and the activity centers in Tampere and in Kuopio. The organization represents those suffering from eating disorders, and their close friends and family. It seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of eating disorders based upon experiences; to improve and advance the treatment and rehabilitation of eating disorder patients; to protect the rights of its members; to increase awareness of the issues facing those who it represents; and to support the activities of its member organizations. Among the core values of the organization's activities are hope, trust, respect and caring.

The local member organizations are responsible for maintaining local activities, for example peer support groups. At the moment there are seven member organizations, and altogether these organizations have about 600 members. The member organizations are as follows:

  • Southern Finland: Etelän-SYLI ry (Helsinki)   Also in English
  • Eastern Finland: Itä-Suomen-SYLI ry (Kuopio), established in February 2012
  • South-east Finland: Kaakkois-Suomen Syömishäiriöperheet ry (Kouvola)
  • South-west Finland: Lounais-Suomen–SYLI ry (Turku)
  • Ostrobothnia: Pohjanmaan-SYLI ry (Seinäjoki)
  • Northern Finland: Pohjois-Suomen SYLI ry (Rovaniemi)
  • Mid-Finland: Sisä-Suomen SYLI ry (Tampere)

The governing body of the organization is the annual general meeting which consists of the representatives appointed by each member organization in their own annual meetings. The board, which is chosen in the annual general meeting, is responsible for the organization's work, making decisions about the activities as a whole and monitoring achievements with reference to the set goals for different sectors of work. The board consists of six substantive and two substitute members.

The post of the Executive Manager of Syömishäiriöliitto-SYLI ry takes care at the moment Kirsi Broström. At the headquarters of the organization in Turku is working also the Organization Secretary. In Jyväskylä is working the Development Coordinator. At the activity centers both in Tampere and in Kuopio are working two employees.

Syömishäiriöliitto-SYLI ry is funded by Finland's Slot Machine Association. The activities are also funded by membership fees, sales of product and advertising space, and private donations.

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